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OGC Testbed-19


Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot 2023 (FMSDI23)


OGC Climate Resilience Pilot (CRP)


Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot Phase 3 (FMSDI3)


Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot Phase 2 (FMSDI2)


OGC Testbed-18


OGC Disaster Pilot ’21 (DP21)


OGC Testbed-17


Health Spatial Data Infrastructure Concept Development Study


OGC Testbed-16


Earth Observation Cloud Platform Concept Development Study


July 2021 OGC API Code Sprint


May 2021 OGC API Code Sprint


ISG Year 2 Sprint


Modernizing SDI: Enabling Data Interoperability for Regional Assessments and Cumulative Effects CDS


Building Energy Mapping and Analytics: Concept Development Study


Joint OGC OSGeo ASF Code Sprint 2021


MUDDI v1.1 (Model for Underground Data Definition and Integration)


OGC API – Common and OGC API – Features Sprint 2020


OGC Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Sprint (2020)


UML-to-GML Application Schema Pilot (UGAS-2020)


OGC Testbed-15


OGC Testbed-14


OGC Earth Observation Applications Pilot


3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot


Second Environmental Linked Features Experiment


OGC API - Environmental Data Retrieval Sprint


OGC Maritime Limits and Boundaries Pilot


OGC 3D-IoT Plaform for Smart Cities Pilot


OGC Vector Tiles Pilot 2 (VTP2)


OGC Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot


OGC Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Compute Challenge


OGC CDB Vector Data in GeoPackage Interoperability Experiment


OGC Mixed Reality to the Edge Concept Development Study


OGC Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment (ELFIE)


OGC Vector Tiles Pilot (VTP)


OGC Vector Tiles Pilot Extension (VTPExt)


OGC Geospatial to the Edge Plugfest


OGC Earth Observation Exploitation Platform Hackathon 2018


OGC Portrayal Concept Development Study


OGC GeoPackage Related Tables Extension Interoperability Experiment




Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Across the Americas Summit - Simulated Exercise


Future City Pilot, Phase 1


Incident Management Information Sharing (IMIS) Internet of Things (IOT) Pilot


Underground Infrastructure Concept Development Study