Apple Guidance

Disclaimer: Apple Guidance and associated Map Data Requirements are not an official part of IMDF. Information provided here is intended to be a source of advice, only.

Map Data Requirements

A Venue Organization submitting an IMDF as a candidate for display in Apple Maps, or any organization interested in data requirements commonly associated with the "public" use case model may refer to the following for guidance:

Guidance in each of the Venue categories presumes the existence of a physical or conceptual object. When the physical or conceptual object exists, then the guidance and the described modeling approach MUST be followed.

Manifest Requirements

When an IMDF is exported from the Indoor Maps Program, the Manifest JSON will include an origin property. origin is defined as follows:

Property Type Description
origin UUID Apple-generated identifier accompanying a re-exported Archive.
  • MUST be included in the Manifest for each subsequent archive submission
  • MUST remain unaltered in order to facilitate comparative analysis and change detection reporting between submissions


  "version": "1.0.0",
  "created": "2020-09-09T12:34:56",
  "generated_by": "FME 2019.0 b19238",
  "language": "en-US",
  "extensions": [ "imdf:extension:big-company:internal#1.0.0" ],
  "origin": "03a2113f-8296-4f64-b089-c512ffc6d5fb"